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Thinking About a Career in Real Estate?
Are You Not Happy at Your Current Brokerage?

See if First Coast Realty, Inc Might Be the Right Fit!

Why Should a New Agent Pick First Coast Realty?

The hardest part of being a new agent is getting started. Often agents are handed a phone and a desk and told "good luck." This causes the new agent to feel overwhelmed and abandoned and not know which way to turn. The only other option is to have your Broker team you up with a more experienced agent. That sounds great until the commission check comes in. Chances are, as a new agent, you are already at the low end of the commission scale and now you have to split that with another agent who is probably at the high end of the commission scale. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN WITH FIRST COAST REALTY!

One of the reasons new agents start their career with First Coast Realty, Inc is the knowledge that to achieve your goals you need to work with successful agents. You play better golf with better golfers. As a newly licensed agent First Coast Realty can help get your real estate career started in the right direction. Our commitment to continually improve ourselves both personally and professionally is one of the reasons that we as First Coast Realty agents are on the cutting edge of our industry. Make no mistake, the real estate industry is changing, and with this imminent change comes a responsibility to stay on top of our game. We give you the tools to stay there.

Our First Coast Realty University (FCRU) provide tips, tactics and strategies to help you become a successful real estate agent. Our courses are designed in house by professional teachers alongside seasoned, professional real estate agents. These courses provide comprehensive education for new and experienced agents. We consult with you in developing a business plan so you have a clear road map to a successful career!


“I’ve worked hard, passed the state test, and have my Sales Associates license, now what…….?”  

New Agents at First Coast Realty

Benefit From the Following: 

¨ A 25 step launch program

¨ Top commission split

¨ On-site management

¨ On-going training as needed

¨ Business planning

¨ Career guidance

¨ Education tools

¨ Marketing tools

¨ Networking tools

¨ Internship program

¨ Lead generation assistance

¨ Professional development

¨ 24/7 management assistance


And Much More...

What Our Agents Say...

"I have known Gene and Libby for over 20 years. I was first aquatinted with them as friends. Eventually my mom was in need of real estate services and the first people I thought of was Gene and Libby. They were both able to guide her through what turned out to be a very difficult process.  Gene used his extensive knowledge and experience to bring about a satisfactory conclusion.  We were both very grateful. 


When I decided to obtain my real estate license, I first thought of Gene as who I would want for my broker. His easygoing manner, sense of fairness, and supportive nature makes Gene a reliable and enjoyable person to work with.  Gene is well known in the

real estate market and has a high reputation in this community. For anyone wanting to buy, rent, sell, or work within real estate, First Coast Realty and Gene and Libby Johnson should always be the first choice for the First Coast."


-Dominique Tredik

Want to Join First Coast Realty? Contact Us Today!

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