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Property Management – An 8 Part Series

Part 5-Rental Property Inspections

From signing of the lease to check in to vacating, professional property management includes the following steps to ensure best practices throughout the process. Property inspections are an on-gong process and should be maintained throughout the life of the lease. First Coast Realty takes these and additional step to ensure the ultimate in rental management relationships between tenant, management, and property owners. Effective and consistent communications are keys to overall success.

Checking In to Vacating

The following should be established from the beginning to ensure a successful leasing term:

  • Regularly scheduled property inspections are part of best practices of property management

  • Continued maintenance and upkeep are necessary to avoid costly repairs of the property

  • Exterior appearance of a property is to be regularly inspected and maintained

  • A full accounting of the property’s condition is to be documented upon occupancy and when vacating

  • First Coast Realty provides written and video documentation for all their rental properties

Regularly Scheduled Inspections Follow Best Practices

  • Tenants & property managers agree to dates and times for property inspections

  • It should be established at time of signing the lease what are the tenant responsibilities

  • Documentation of any discrepancies or lack of tenant maintenance should be documented

  • A full financial accounting of any repairs needs to be documented for accountability to owners

  • Ongoing communications is the key to good landlord-tenant relationship & care for property

Avoiding Costly Repairs

Continued maintenance and upkeep are necessary to avoid costly repairs to the property and should include but not limited to the following:

  • Replace all AC filters monthly

  • Report any malfunctioning appliances to property manager

  • Leaking toilets or other facets need to be reported & repaired ASAP

  • All exhaust fans & smoke detectors should be in working order

Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Outside a Property

The property’s exterior is to be maintained and inspected regularly, and should include but not limited to the following:

  • Tenants are expected to maintain the exterior appearance of a rental property including lawn & debris

  • All HOA rules and regulations are to be followed regarding exterior appearance

  • Leaking and full gutters should be reported to property manager ASAP

  • Any overgrown or dangerous trees should be reported to property manager ASAP

Documentation, Discussion, Videotaping, and Communications

  • A full accounting of the property’s conditions is to be documented upon occupancy and when vacating.

  • Discuss all tenant expectations at the time of the signing of the lease

  • Videotape the property prior to move in and again upon move out

  • Keep communications between property managers, tenants and property owners open and continuous to avoid any misunderstandings

  • Property managers should account for all repairs and expenses to property owner


Professional property management requires knowledge, experience, and a commitment to best practices. This 8-part series is an outline of what to expect and require from a property manager, whether you are a property owner or perspective tenant. The responsibilities to both tenant and property owner require exceptional communication skills, professional marketing and technology tools, accounting abilities, knowledge of the landlord laws, and public relation proficiencies. The First Coast Realty Property Management Division offers all of this and more. Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and we would be happy to walk you through our two great programs or speak to our property manager by calling/texting today 904-494-8408 or email


About the Authors: The video "Property Management-An 8 Part Series" was provided by Broker and Broker-Associate Gene and Libby Johnson with First Coast Realty Inc. We have built a top notch Rental Division, sure to meet everyone's need. We service St Augustine, Palm Coast, Palatka, and Jacksonville areas.

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