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Thinking About a Career in Real Estate?
Are You Not Happy at Your Current Brokerage?

See if First Coast Realty, Inc Might Be the Right Fit!

Why Should a Veteran Agent Pick First Coast Realty?

Is your current Broker never around? Are they so new into the real estate business they really do not know much more than you do? Are they still listing and selling and competing against their own agents for leads? Experienced agents do not need someone on hand daily to help but it is nice to have someone when they are needed. All too often, the Broker in many offices is hard to find and/or get a hold of. It is also hard to compete for leads when you are competing against the Broker. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN WITH FIRST COAST REALTY!

Our Broker has long been recognized for his knowledge and experience in the St. Augustine/St. Johns County area. Before he opened the doors of First Coast Realty, new and veteran agents would often stop by his office to ask for his guidance or advice. That is the type of person you want in the Broker's office. The Broker of First Coast Realty is in the office everyday including weekends. He is still active in the business but he does not compete with his own agents for leads. 

As an experienced agent our goal is to aid you in achieving your goal. Creating or expanding your referral network; specializing in a market e.g. luxury or commercial; business planning; using technology tools; understanding and employing social media in your business – whatever your objective, First Coast Realty's  programs and services help build your business.

Our First Coast Realty University (FCRU) provides the most advanced and comprehensive training in the industry. Classroom, webinars and other forms of online education provide instruction on growing your business. Our courses are designed in house by professional teachers alongside seasoned, professional real estate agents. These courses provide comprehensive education for new and experienced agents.


“You’ve worked hard and established a successful real estate career… however are you happy?  Are you leaving money on the table? Is your current company culture aligned with your own work ethics and practices? ”

Veteran Agents at First Coast Realty

Benefit From the Following: 

· Appreciation for your work

· A positive company culture

· Leadership & resources

· Professional development

· Cutting-edge commission split

· Direct listing generation

· Lead generating safe guards

· Buyer lead safe guards

· Professional work environment

· 24/7 Broker assistance


And Much More...

What Our Agents Say...

"Working with Gene Johnson, Broker of First Coast Realty Inc., has been wonderful. Gene’s knowledge of

the local real estate market and his experience in negotiating real estate transactions has been  tremendously helpful. Gene has a very good reputation in the community and is well respected for his involvement and standing at The Board of Realtors.


First Coast Realty Inc. recently moved in to a new office which has ample conference space for working

with customers or other team members and it provides a relaxing environment to work. The office is well equipped with media and computer equipment so all resources necessary to conduct business are readily available.


Gene Johnson and the other team members at First Coast have been supportive and helpful. I believe

he is building a company that will soon be recognized as a leader in the real estate community in St. Augustine. I’m proud to be affiliated with this firm and I’m looking forward to helping it grow.

-Liz Langdon

Want to Join First Coast Realty? Contact Us Today!

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