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Marketing Your Home

Marketing a house for sale is one of the most important jobs your real estate professional will do.  Gone are the days where marketing consists of listing the property in the MLS system and putting a sign in the yard.  However, we are not in a time where internet marketing alone will suffice.  In order for an agent to be successful they must have a multi-level approach to marketing.  This article contains marketing ideas that should be performed on your house in order to get your home sold for top dollar in as short a time as possible.

Take a look at our Marketing Plan below.

Like with any business transaction, you want to know what to expect before you get started.  If you are interviewing agents ask them how they plan to market your home.  To go one step further, ask them for a written marketing plan.  First Coast Realty, Inc. does more to marketing its properties than anyone else in our area.  We provide written marketing plans that contain all of the activities mentioned above and include a timeline.  More marketing means more exposure. More exposure can mean better deals, higher prices, and quicker closings. It also means back-ups when deals go south at the 11th hour.  We hope you see this value and allow us to sell your property.

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