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Staging to Sell-Little Changes That Add Up to Big Profits

tips for staging your home
How to Stage Your Home So That It Sells for Top Dollar

Home staging practices have changed over time, especially with “do it yourself” (DIY) resources, but the overall results have not. According to the latest statistics, staging your home for sale can increase the sales price an average of 6-13%, and reduce the “days on market” (DOM) as much as 40%. The secret to increase your “return on investment” (ROI) on the sale of your home is proper preparation.

You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression

We have all heard the saying “you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression” in reference to many things I life. That saying can apply to real estate and the sale of a home. Staging your home for sale does not have to cost you thousands of dollar, thus decreasing your ROI.

Expanding upon the valuable video information, let us explore in greater detail.

  • Staging your home will help the property stand out online. We have become a very visual society. People love spending hours watching tv shows, reading magazines or blogs that feature “professional decorating” tips. As a result, viewing properties on-line should meet expectations. For that reason, it is important to present your property in its’ best possible light.

  • Staging your home can help people better imagine themselves in a space. It is hard for perspective buyers to visualize their personal property in your living space. Staging can help them visualize the scale of their furniture, and how they can mentally start to move in.

  • Staging your home demonstrates a home’s potential. Get rid of the “junk room”. We all have them, but they are not good for home staging, or the selling of a home. Demonstrate to perspective buyers the full potential of your property, and its’ endless possibilities. Use current furnishings to transform a room into a guest room, playroom, or library.

  • Staging can make a space seem bigger. One would think an empty room would appear bigger. However, that is not necessarily true, some buyers have a hard time imaging how much room their king-sized bed will take up in a particular room Give them demonstrations of scale, to visualize how their furniture will size up. Create an environment of “mentally moving in”.

not staged home vs staged home
Which is More Eye Catching: Not Staged (left) or Staged (right)

8 Little Changes That Add Up to Big Profits

The ultimate DIY that can make the difference in your property selling for 6-13% more and decrease the average DOM 40% is not expensive. Depending on the condition of your property the following suggestions may cost between $300-$500, plus your investment in time. The little changes that add up to bigger profits can make the difference in a perspective buyer choosing your property over the competition.

  1. Odor: the number on turn-off to perspective buyers is the detection of odor. These odors can include smoking, pets, cooking, and overbearing deodorizing scents. If your property has any of these, follow these suggestions; smoke outside, keep pet area cleaned out, clean exhaust screen over cooking areas, and only use light natural scents to deodorize.

  2. Clutter: de-clutter everything. You are going to be moving at some point, so start packing up items you want to take, give away or sell ones you do not want to take, and depersonalized your entire home, including personal photo’s, counter tops, and vanities. Remember, you want a perspective buyer to start mentally moving into “their” property not yours.

  3. Windows: you want as much natural light to permeate as possible. Clean windows, screens, window ledges, shutters, blinds, and curtains.

  4. Paint: especially if the odors are strong paint your interior walls with a neutral color, or research what builders are currently using in their model homes.

  5. Curb Appeal: do not underestimate the power of curb appeal. Like we said earlier, you do not get a second chance to make a good first impression. You want perspective buyers to stop at the front of your property and think “wow”. That imagine will stay in their minds throughout the entire showing. Enhancing the “curb appeal” of your home should include pressure washing driveways, walkways, and front and rear patios. Enhance flower beds with new mulch, and plants compatible with your climate. Prune shrubbery and keep the lawn cut and edged. Remove all mold and mildew from cleaned out gutters. Remove all cobwebs and mud dauber nests. Buy a new “welcome” mat for the entrance.

  6. Dark, Damp, Dingy: clean out all of these spaces whether in the garage or in the house. Stage them to demonstrate their optimization and versatility of use.

  7. Dust: clean all dust from ceiling fan blades to window ledges. Remove all dust and dust collectors. Pack them up, ready to move. Dusting should be done daily, as not to build up.

  8. Wood rot: this is most important, as it will be flagged during the inspection period, thus holding up the process from contract to closing. Be proactive, examine your property and get all signs of wood rot and decay corrected and cosmetically enhanced. Kill Zed is effective for this task

The little things that add up to bigger profits are not hard. Ultimately it is up a homeowner as to how much they want to invest in the front end to profit on the back end. The decision you make can determine how much money you leave ON the closing table or how much money you profit FROM the closing table.


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About the Authors: The video "Staging to Sell-Little Changes That Add Up to Big Profits" was provided by Broker and Broker-Associate Gene and Libby Johnson with First Coast Realty Inc. First Coast Realty offers a FREE “Home Staging assessment”, a $400.00 value for perspective home sellers. Let us help you put your best efforts forward. We service St Augustine, Palm Coast, Palatka, and Jacksonville areas.

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